Saturday, September 20, 2008

Buckingham Palace!

First stop on the Tour was Buckingham Palace! Sorry, but pictures just don't do a justice! The palace was actually open to the public right now because the queen is off and in Scotland on vacation (she will be returning soon, to have me for tea and crumpits...hahah....just kidding). Unfortunately, our big group stayed outside the gate because it was a quick stop but here are a few shots!
This picture of the statue is actually right in front of the palace with a really big fountain around it.

This is a semi closeup of the porch where the royal family would stand (when they welcome me for tea!) for occasions, I assume.
Oh and this is just a close up of the same statue.

Hey, and who says London is dreary....the weather has been great everyday!!! Very sunny at about 65-69 degrees! I better knock on wood or pack my umbrella tomorrow! :)

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