Saturday, September 20, 2008

St Paul's Cathedral

Do you know what is so cool, is that there was a couple just going for an afternoon jog right around the cathedral. Its interesting to think that everywhere in the world has such historic places and people travel from all over just to get a glimpse of the history but others get to run past everyday. Hopefully you understand what I am trying to say...heh...but I just think is fascinating! Anyway the cathedral was awesome! There was actually a wedding going on when we stopped! I had a real hard time getting the whole cathedral in one photo, and I kept forgetting about taking pictures because I was so caught in the moment, but take a peak of what I was able to snap!

The stain glass window looked really cool! It was on the what I think is the side of the cathedral. The cathedral reminds me of Aquia in such a way because there are doors on almost all sides but they all look like a front entrance!
The tour guide said this is where the mayor would come back before television and radio to inform the public with all of the new rules and information that was going on.
Possible front entrance?
So we happen to be there during a wedding (so of course we did not go inside), but here is the car the bride and groom were going to zoom away in (or sit in traffic).

The guests arrived in neat double deckers!! Decorated too!!!

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