Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Off to Paris!

In Paris I took 405 photos, and I could not decide which ones to pick so I posted them all so sit down and enjoy...okay just kidding! I couldn't believe I took that many photos, it was great. Probably about 300 of them were of the Eiffel Tower. The trip to Paris was smooth sailing, no one missed their flight and got their baggage searched, the only request was that I was never allowed to book the hotel/hostel ever again. I searched for the cheapest it even had decent reviews, but for some reason Collin and Shannon did not approve of the two random roommates, one key between six people, luggage unattended, not allowed in the rooms between 9.00-3.00, the bunk beds with plastic so you could ever move someone made, and well the world's dirtiest shower. But hey seriously we were never in the room, we were to busy walking the city.
The trip was great and well tiring with attempting to sleep in the airport and basically walking the city from one end to the other. Contrary to popular belief the city did not seem that dirty at all, the dirtiest was our hostel bathroom.Arc de Triomphe

Place de la Concorde, its actually the oldest structure in Paris given by the Egyptians.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Moulin Rouge!!!

Place de la Bastille, prisoners were kept here, well underground.

The street performers posing, glad they did it for free, that would have not been the case in Milan!

Yup, that is the Eiffel Tower behind us!

Toasting at the Piano Bar! This one was for you Mrs. Craven!

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