Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 Things You Learn Quickly in London!

  1. The United Kingdom has different outlets then the rest of Europe.
  2. Must look opposite way for oncoming traffic then in the U.S.A.; look down at intersections if lucky it may give directions for which way to look.
  3. Though the food labels look like American food labels, it does not taste the same. For example Coca-Cola tastes like Diet Coke.
  4. Keep track of your change!! One coin can be worth up to 2 pounds ... 4 precious dollars!
  5. Britain's like to place unexpected steps everywhere. Step up to get into the bathroom and then step up again to get into the stall. Oh and do not forget to step down twice to get out!
  6. Yes there are bugs in the UK but no window screens do not exist. If you ask someone about a screen they have no idea what you are talking about either.
  7. The Underground's last tube runs at midnight, so you can put your life at risk by taking a bus home with the wackos or just make sure your plans end before midnight!
  8. Telephone booths are for taking pictures in, not to make phone calls unless you want to take a loan out.
  9. Walking is like driving; walk on the left side not the right side! ...oops.
  10. Finally, if you are lost, dazed and or confused ask someone for help. You are not in New York and everyone is helpful!

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