Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brighton Beach

Ok ok so I have been slacking at putting pictures up. oops. Well anyway we had a trip to Brighton Beach on Sept. 21st. It was about a 2 hour trip from my flat! So it was a long day starting at about 7 a.m. to 8 or 9 at night. Weather was awesome!! I'm not sure which beach to compare this one to. You definitely need a few days to explore everything it has! So take a look at the gorgeous beach and town!

The pier, which had all the games and tons of places to eat.

The view of the town from this rock platform (it was shaped like a ship).

The beach had rocks instead of sand (keep your shoes on!)

Standing out by the water to prove I was there! ha! YAY for perfect weather!!!

Another view from the pier down the beach. I absolutely love this picture, oh and now you can see the ship like structure.

I couldn't believe how blue the water was! Can you? ha!

A few of us walked around the town to do some shopping (window shopping! ha) but they were about to start a concert on the street. Evidently it was some sort of get out of your car day so they had roads blocked off and had activities set up for everyone to do!

Check out the playhouse. They had all of these cardboard playhouses set up on the street and little kids got to paint them and then take them home. Though I am pretty sure an adult did the red one. It was cute.

This is just a view from the streets down to the beach with all of the shops.

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