Sunday, September 28, 2008


The plan wasn't to take all the pictures from the day in Chinatown, but that is what happen! It was Wednesday the 24th and all of the Middlesex Exchange Students were going on a Scavenger Hunt through Central London. It was awesome we started at Leicester Square and basically did a big circle going past Big Ben, some embassies, going along the Thames River and then ending up at Covent Garden, at a pub, which is right next to Leicester Square. So it was a great opportunity all day to take pictures of everything!

Well, when we arrived in Leicester Square, Sam, the guy who was in charge of all the Exchange students, split us into groups and gave us what we needed to complete. It was basically tons of questions that we needed to find answers at different places along the way. We had 2 hours to complete it, and the winning team was given 50 pounds to use at the pub, which was the finish line! As soon as I heard there was a reward I put my camera away, pulled out my pen, and put my hair back! There went all the pictures! It was a lot of fun just making your way around London. Unfortunately my group did not win, otherwise I would have victory photos.

Chinatown was near Covent Garden so a few other losers and I made our way there for dinner. Since my only mission was to find a semi cheap meal I took the camera out!

I thought is was so funny that the lanterns were pictures of the movie Kung Fu Panda!

Oh and we failed at a cheap meal in Chinatown too. HA! Rice does not come with meals here in the UK.

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