Sunday, September 28, 2008

Riverboat Disco!

The pictures consist of the London Bridge because it got to dark down the river to take anymore pictures and then the boat did not take us by any cool scenery like Big Ben and Parliament. Supposedly it was not allowed to go down the way of Big Ben for security purposes. Oh well. Did you know this is not the original London Bridge? The first bridge was made by the Romans and it was wooden, then after that in the 1200's another one was built but this one was too narrow once everything around built up. Then with the great fire of London it burnt down. So a third one was built and there was too much up keep with this one so it was dismantled and sold to someone in Colorado. So now here is the fourth bridge! Crazy, guess that's where the song comes from.
It was so pretty out that night!

Waiting to get on the boat.

Looking down the Thames the opposite way we sailed. The red line is the Millennium Bridge.

YAY, for yet again a great night in London!

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