Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The British Museum

Friday, October 3, I decided to check out the British Museum. Yes, I know the 3rd is quite some time ago. Time is flying with oh you know traveling around London, taking up space in a classroom, and booking flights around the continent! Now its Tuesday and all that is on the agenda is eating, try to do laundry without emptying my bank account, meet up with some friends to make plans for Paris or Barcelona or Dublin, and of course get caught up with all of these awesome pictures!!
British Museum is free! But it reminds me a lot of the Smithsonian, though you can take pictures anywhere and everywhere in the museum, they have a really cool mummy exhibit, and the architecture is really awesome in the gallery!
So I stopped in for a bit of time checked out Egypt and then headed down to Oxford St. to scope out the 2 miles of stores for shopping!!!

I told you the gallery looked really cool.

Ok, so this face is kind of creepy, but I loved it! Its huge, and it is really detailed you can see all of the pores and his facial hair (he was due for a shave). I have no idea why it was in the museum and not in the art gallery, ha.

This is just a picture to show the entrance of the Egyptian area. After this I headed to Oxford St. which I do not have any pictures of, but I mean really I was shopping how could I take pictures? ha!

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