Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Alternative Plan

So we made due with the fact we were stuck in London for the day. Aw bummer, huh? The alternative plan was discussed over a wonderful English breakfast and we decided to take a leisurely walk past Westminster Abbey to the tube that would take us to Portobello Road. Which if we were lucky we would see a star. All I saw was a picture of Madonna hanging on a wall. That's ok, Portobello Road was pretty neat. It felt like the market when on and on forever!!! So hey the day did not turn out to bad after all. Take a peek.

Proof of British humor on a lamp post in Westminster.

There is a lot of these cute old buildings in London, surrounded by newer and bigger places. This one was particularly cuter.

Westminster Abbey!

The crew of the day at Portobello Road!!!

Shot of the crowded streets down Portobello

Inside the really crowded markets! Tons of antiques.

Successful alternative day, Shannon and I relaxing at the Market Bar before heading back!

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