Monday, October 20, 2008

The Orginal Plan

So on Saturday October 4th, I woke up at the wee hour of 6.30; jumped in the shower and got all ready for a big day. Made sure the outfit was cute and the makeup was good for pictures. Shannon one of my flat mates knocked on my door about 7.30 so we could grab some breakfast in the kitchen and make our way down to the tube station to meet the others. Then my phone rang...
See the plan for the day was to make our way to the Victoria Coach Station by 8.45 to take a tour bus to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford. The most difficult part of the day was suppose to be waking up.
Like I said my phone rang. Jenna was calling from Gubbay Hall (dorms that are located on campus), saying they ran into a bit of a problem. Evidently Collin and her were making their way to the Oakwood Station. Courtney was going to have to meet them because she forgot to print out her coupon for the tour.
Shannon and I took our time making our way to the station, which is a really short walk anyway. Luckily we all had planned to meet early so it was fine now that we were delayed just a little. We sat looking out for there faces in the tube. 5....10....15....minutes go by, still no one. Getting anxious we call and tell them we are heading to the bus and we will tell them you are right behind us.
On the tube we had to switch from the Piccadilly Line to the Victoria Line which would what we thought take us right to the station. So far thinking today was not getting us anywhere and well to our surprise London transportation decided to close the Victoria Line for construction. Great. The time is now quickly passing 8.30 and Shannon and I had to get off the tube at Green Park (which is the stop for Buckingham Palace). At this point our only choice was so sprint through the park, past the palace, and in the city to the station before the coach left us. On the map it looked like about 3 blocks away. Well, that's if you knew your directions.
As we are running through the park we look for a number to call and tell them we are running a little behind and will be there shortly. The lady was nice and said she would let them know.
Finally after running down a few wrong streets and dodging traffic Shannon and I make it to the Victoria Train Station. We call Jenna and Collin. They had made a wrong turn walking to their initial tube stop and had to make a detour back to it. Courtney didn't make a wrong turn and already made it to the Coach station, but Collin and Jenna were one stop away from being at the Train Station with us.
While waiting for them we look around for the coach, which is no where to be found. Come to find out the Train station is different from the Coach station which is another 5 minute walk down the street. All four of us met and ran to the Coach station, the time was about 9.05, the coach leaves at 9.00, but they knew we were coming. Well, while we were running our coach drives past us, with Courtney on it. So much for a relaxing day through England!
Luckily, we were able to reschedule. Since we were all already up and had our morning jog we made alternative plans for our Saturday. What a morning!!

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