Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Made It!!! ...First Stop, Windsor Castle

Thumbs up for finally making it on our tour this time, though of course the morning it was rainy. Sunday all of the tube lines we working so Shannon and I made it to the Coach Station rather then the train station with plenty of time to get a good seat on the coach! The tour guide was awesome and the sights were amazing. First stop was Windsor Castle! I took over 200 photos all day, but don't worry I won't bore you with them all now, I tried to pick some of the better ones. I'll bore you with all the photos from start to finish when I return in December, watch out!

There was no way I was able to get the whole castle in one picture, it was huge! I figured it was going to be smaller then Buckingham but it wasn't. Windsor had the castle walls, the watch tower, the arrow slits in the concrete and its placed high up on the hill so you could see anything and everything approaching. The castle is also exactly so many miles from the Tower of London, maybe 23 miles. It is so many miles so that when soldiers were traveling by horse and foot they could go from the castle to the tower and back in one day. Inside the castle, wasn't allowed to take pictures, was less gaudy then Buckingham but still greatly decorated with paintings everywhere. The queen prefers to reside at Windsor because its where she grew up, but she was still away on holiday when we were there.

Too bad it was cloudy because the view was so pretty.

Yay got to stand next to the guard, before we were off for Stop 2....Stonehenge!

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