Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Next, Stonehenge

The weather was starting to clear up which made for a wicked sky. Stonehenge is literally right off the road. Shannon and I were just talking and the tour guide said we were almost there and that you could see it, and we kept just looking out our window, confused because we couldn't see it at all. Then bam, we look to our left and there it is! So take a look for yourself and let me know if you think any of these pictures could compete with the wallpaper that comes with computers, ha ha.

It was really windy, if you cannot tell.

It was weird to see it from this angle since all the pictures are normally of a different one. It used to be a complete circle but after the years some have fallen, been taken away, and well its been 5,050 years. They still are not sure as to why it was made. A new thought is for healing, because they found some graves near by of deformed people that originated somewhere else on the continent. They think people may have traveled to come here to be healed, but it is still not for sure and I doubt it ever will be.

There were birds everywhere!
Stonehenge was actually constructed in 3 stages. In 3050 BC was the first part and that's when a circular ditch and bank was built or the henge, which you can see a little bit of it in the picture above. Then in 2600 BC a wooden structure was constructed in the center, which I do not think is there any longer. Finally in 2500-1500 BC the stone monument was constructed and arranged for almost 1,000 years. Crazy! It is perfectly aligned with the sunrise and sunset, there is so much information about it, I wasn't able to remember it all. Well after Stonehenge we hopped back on the coach and headed to Oxford...

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