Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Final Stop, Oxford!

By the time we got to Oxford, I was tired it had been a long day, well actually a long weekend! ha. It was a nice little town and university. What I didn't realize was that Oxford is made up many different colleges which makes it one university. So the tour guide walked us around, we weren't able to get into any of the buildings, like the dining hall that the Harry Potter movies were filmed, because it was freshers week. So all the freshman were moving in and getting fitted for their uniform. Which is a cap and hat!

This church was built in like 1200!

The picture above is what all the buildings used to look like everywhere in Oxford and London but they changed to limestone like the picture below in Oxford. And buildings in London are not allowed to be thatch ever since the city burned in the London Fire!

One of the courtyards we were able to peek in, so gorgeous!

These faces were everywhere! I thought the were funny.
This is actually the where three Oxford bishops were burned to the stack by Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) because they were not practicing Catholicism. There is a door that is on display in a building near by that evidently has the burn marks and still smells like the the fire. Wasn't able to check it out because it was freshers day.

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