Friday, October 24, 2008

Hop, Skip, Jump to Germany!

Germany is beautiful, though I'm guilty of not capturing all the beauty while I was there! It was so great to have family around, especially since I haven't seen them in forever, and for Kristof literally forever! It was a weekend of delicious food and putting everyone to the test of language translation. I clearly failed that test the second my foot stepped in the country, three years of German out the window. I attempted to take a few shots so take a look!!

I went out with Shona and Jelka and they took me to the Rhine River and then this statue which they said they come here to watch fireworks every year. We got to climb up the statue so below are pictures of inside and the view from on top.
I snapped a shot after our dinner, which was lamb. Then I headed back to London. But they were completely against me taking the picture....oops.

Ok so subtract the fog and imagine this around you 360 degrees, and there is what I saw of Germany in a nutshell! So pretty. Promise I'll take more pictures on my next trip over!

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