Friday, October 24, 2008

Detour to Italy

Alright, so its been nearly a month I am finally posting pictures from Italy, but let me tell you there are a lot to sit and go through. So I am going to try and take you through the weekend bit by bit. Here are some shots from my first few hours there. There was three of us that went to Milan and we had a hotel in within walking distance from the Duomo which you will also see tons of pictures of, shortly. We had quite an adventure getting to Milan, one missing their flight, another getting their luggage searched, and well me trying act like a European citizen so I didn't have to pay an extra fee but got caught and stopped at the gate. Though we had some difficulties we all made it there and had a great weekend and easy trip home!

The streets were cobblestone everywhere, and everyone seemed to walk, take the bus, or drive motorcycles!

Thought the wires were so cool through out the city.

A view from our lunch table outside on the sidewalk.

The cans were so tall!

Oh, just looking out the hotel room.

Street shot!

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