Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day of the Dead...

What a day, how great you stay up late the night before, then wake up the next day and actually make yourself look worse then you already do! Zombie Pub Crawl equals greatness. The day started at 2.00 p.m. at the Waxy O'Connors' pub in Leicester Square from there we were suppose to go from pub to pub with other fellow zombies every 45 minutes till we hit all twelve!
The night was suppose to end early around 9.15 p.m., which it did not. We went pub to pub but not on the time schedule that was handed to us, by time Lisa and I made it to the tenth pub it was midnight, and we were hungry and wanted to try to catch the tube before it closed. That didn't matter the day was great. We turned out to be the only American Zombies there and got a lot of attention and some drinks for it. Also we met tons of locals which has seemed to be very difficult during my stay here in London.
Lisa and I attempting our scary zombie faces...

....trying not to smile

I teased my hair, and tried not to smile in this picture as well, which is hard to do!

Look closely at these two pictures, there was a mirror at one the pubs we went to and when you looked in it, it was all just zombies lining up for drinks! It looks pretty neat!

The tentative schedule for the day: - Waxy O'Connors, Wardour Street
2.45pm - Crooked Surgeon, Lisle Street
3.20pm - Yates, Leicester Square
4pm - The Exchange, Gerrard Street
4.40pm - All Bar One, Whitcomb Street
5.20pm - Moon Under Water, Leicester Square
6pm - Bok Bar, Bedford Street
6.40pm - Punch and Judy, Covent Garden
7.20pm - Walkabout, Maiden Lane
7.40pm - Slug and Lettuce, Upper St Martins Lane
8pm - Bar 38, Long Acre
8.30pm - O'Neils, Wardour Street

Here are just some other Zombies we happened to meet as well!

Love this picture!!

Ok, we were so done looking serious, because it was all just so fun!

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Lindsay K. said...

I took a break from all my crazy hw (damn American schools) to check out what you've been up to. Pub crawl sounds like a LOT of fun. Glad you met locals! Still very jealous, but happy for you. Hope you're doing well. Drop me a line if you need anything. LOVE YOU!!!!!!