Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a Spooktacular Evening...

Halloween in London, well it was bit of a chaotic morning, since we weren't sure exactly what we were going to be. Like everything else in London it all came together, Lisa and I woke up early (ok early for us, about 10 a.m.) and headed over to the local Asda, which is European brand Wal*Mart, to find something. We already had the masks which Lisa made, one night instead of homework, but we didn't have a way of holding them up or what exactly they were going to make us. Well to make a long chaotic morning short we got everything we needed and decided we were peacocks!
To start our Spootacular evening we headed down to the Docklands to walk through a Jack the Ripper exhibit. Which was cool it was packed with letters from Jack, pictures of his victims, and police reports. Not realizing how long we actually spent in there we hurried back to scarf down some dinner, shower and head out for the evening.
We planned on going to a club called Koko but the line was to long, especially when coats were not part of our fancy wear! So everyone ended up breaking into their own groups and doing their own thing, I ended up at Zoo Bar!
Though I don't really have any pictures of our destinations, I do have a few of the fancy wear and people I spent the evening with!

...and one was a day early for the Zombie wear, also the room was small and couldn't get everyone in the picture!

My awesome clay mask, thanks to Lisa

Mita, Lisa and I at Zoo Bar, though you can't tell!

...well before we went out for the evening with a fellow peacock, Shannon.

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